This garden is owned by my friends Heidi and Jim, their three children and Maisie the family dog. Impressed by my efforts in the Westerly garden- a summer house that we once shared, they not only let me have a hand in helping them design the stone walled cottage garden as part of a renovation of their garage/barn but continue to allow me to actively garden the now transformed space. They also allow me to use part of the said barn as an artists studio, so my regular visits there are a wonderful mixture of gardening, being creative and of course the tending of a wonderful friendship. Not forgetting that my dog Eti is best friends with Maisie and spends the hours that I spend here having the greatest time. The proverb at the foot of this blog- "More in a garden grows, than what the gardener sows" could not describe more aptly what happens here in the Mamaroneck garden